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Drone Operator ID & Flyer ID photo card + 10x stickers + cardholder & lanyard

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This listing is for a Drone 'Operator' AND 'Flyer' Identification Card complete with holder, lanyard and 10 Operator labels with QR codes.

The ID's are a credit card size (86mm x 54mm) rigid, full-colour printed PVC card, with front and rear lamination and will fit in your wallet or standard ID card holder.

Each sticker displays the Operator ID and a QR code that links to the 'Drones Reunited' website in case of loss of your aircraft/drone. They are Self-adhesive, 100% waterproof and scratch-resistant.

With the card, you also receive an ID card holder and lanyard in your own choice of colour. Please be aware that you will NOT be able to see the rear of the card with any colour other than the 'Clear' holders.


It is NOT a legal obligation to carry a Flyer/Operator ID card, but the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) state "Always take your flyer ID with you when you go out flying. You may be asked to show it to a police officer or other official."

As such, this is the ideal way to provide all of the required information without taking your official registration documents with you and running the risk of losing or damaging the original document.


The front of the card shows;

Your photo
Address (Post code only)
Flyer ID
Operator ID

The rear of the card has contact details for the Civil Aviation Authority and 2x QR codes linking to the following web sites;

1. 'Airspace restrictions for unmanned aircraft and drones'
2. 'The Drone and Model Aircraft Code' 

It is not possible to link to the Civil Aviation Authority database register for FLYER and OPERATOR details as this is restricted information (much the same as the DVLA database).


To enable us to complete your order as quickly as possible, you will need to supply the following details;

- The name you want on the card (as per the registration details)
- The Post code of the address you are registered at
- Your Flyer ID starting with 'FLY-'
- Your Operator ID starting with 'OP-'
- Your email address (so that we can tell you where to send your photo)


To Order:

1. Add the quantity you require to the cart and then click the 'Buy it now' button.
2. On the following screen, in the 'Review item and postage' section, click the 'Message to seller' link and type in the required information.
3. Complete the transaction as normal.

Or you can send the information and your photo to us via an eBay message or to our email address available in our business contact details.

All images should be the same format as a standard passport ID photo (plain background, no sunglasses etc) and need to be as high a resolution as possible. We can also print images sent via eBay messages, although the size and quality of the image may be reduced during this process.

*Photos will be cropped as required to fit the card.

We WILL NOT accept responsibility for poor quality images printed from low quality photos that are sent to us.