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Northern Soul Keep The Faith - printed self-adhesive car bike window sticker

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A peel and stick vinyl 'Northern Soul - Keep The Faith', self-adhesive sticker, professionally printed using 100% environmentally friendly (non solvent) latex inks. It is colour printed onto white vinyl.

The sticker will stick to any smooth flat surface (car paint work, glass, plastic), is fully weatherproof and UV-resistant and suitable for ANY colour surface.

The sticker comes in a choice of 9 sizes;

100mm x 100mm
125mm x 125mm
150mm x 150mm
175mm x 175mm
200mm x 200mm
225mm x 225mm
250mm x 250mm
275mm x 275mm
300mm x 300mm

Larger sizes up to 100cm x 100cm are available on request.

No fuss, no mess. Simply peel & stick.

*Images are not to scale

NOTE: This is NOT a see-through/transparent sticker.